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Vision sees what will be. We see two things.


  • A million fiery evangelists across America!

  • An evangelist fellowship in every town in America!

There will be a million fiery evangelists across America.

One million evangelists in America is not a far-fetched or unreasonable number in light of the fact that, currently, there are approximately a million pastors in America. Why not a million evangelists in America? The Holy Spirit says there will be!

The evangelists will be young, old, wealthy, poor, men, women, and an ethnically diverse people but with one common feature, they passionately love Jesus Christ and want others to know Him.
Burning in their hearts will be the eternal realities of heaven’s joy and hell’s punishment.

Through the obedience of a million evangelists and an awakened church, America will be fully evangelized and millions of lost will be saved.


There will be an Evangelist Fellowship in every town in America.

Once again, the current reality in America is a Pastors’ fellowship in virtually every town. Some are good and some are bad with everything in between. Why not an Evangelists Fellowship in
every town in America? The Holy Spirit says there will be!

The differences between the calling of a pastor and an evangelist are such that the evangelists need to gather regularly with other evangelists. They need a fellowship that fully serves evangelists,
understands and appreciates their calling, their unique responsibilities and particular problems.

When evangelists gather in fellowship, spiritual joints are formed by the Holy Spirit. Strength then flows through these relationships and the evangelists begin to better fulfill their divine calling in God by serving alongside those with the same calling in God.

"And He gave some as...evangelists"

Ephesians 4:11

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